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Through the years!

Since 2017, with donations from our friends and family, we've donated over 2100 pairs of shoes and more than $15,000 to Child Crisis Arizona, so children in their care are always given a new pair of shoes. 

Summer 2023 

In our 7th year, we had 7 outstanding student volunteers who worked hard, alongside our own children, to develop fundraising campaigns. In July 2023 we were able to deliver 906 pairs of shoes to Child Crisis Arizona, providing 2 new pairs of shoes for every child receiving services at Child Crisis, as they returned to school for the new school year! 

Summer 2022 

With help from our continued sponsors, Tito's Vodka, and our family and friends, this year we donated over 600 pairs of shoes and $7,500 to Child Crisis Arizona. 

2022 Volunteer Program! 

This year, 4 students, ages 13 and 14, worked in a volunteer competition, to collect the most pairs of shoes for Good Soles. This awesome new opportunity had the kids creating lemonade stands, shopping for deals and doing extra chores, to earn service hours for school, but also to learn a little bit about the work that goes in to giving back. . 198 pairs of shoes were collected and many memories made.  Natalia (pictured here) was the 2022 Good Soles Volunteer of the Summer!

Good Soles in 2021

Good Soles collected 300 pairs of shoes and $5,000 from Tito's Vodka, to help ensure that all children at Child Crisis Arizona has a new pair of shoes on their feet for the first day of school. 

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