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In 2017, when I called a local organization and asked how our family could help their kids at back to school time, they told me that they always receive backpacks and school supplies, but the item they never ask for, because it’s more of a luxury, is new shoes for the kids as they start a new school year. I felt at that moment, that I was feeling a little tap on my shoulder from heaven. My Papa (who was also my hero) always said that “everyone deserves a GOOD pair of shoes."


I knew at that moment, what our family had to do. 

Each summer since, the Good Soles Shoe Drive has been in full effect! We now fill the closet at Child Crisis Arizona each August, so the children that spend time in their care, are always given the chance at new shoes. 

In 2022, our sixth year, we donated over 600 pairs of shoes, and not only did we fill the closet, but each child was able to pick two pairs of shoes to call their own. It was a darn good year!  


And now, our goal is to not only fill that closet, but put GOOD shoes on all SOLES. And fill every closet in the community. 

...because everyone deserves a GOOD pair of shoes. 

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